Membership & Registration

Membership in the Club is limited to Sun City West Residents holding a valid Recreation Centers of Sun City West Membership Card and their guests.

$5.00 Annual Membership Required.

Club Officers and Class Representatives are volunteers. Members may be asked to volunteer to assist in some of the duties of the Club.

Please note that any Club scheduled classes may be subject to cancellation due to facility location conflicts, building repairs or routine maintenance requirements.

A variety of exercise classes conducted by experienced, certified instructors.

Class Ticket Prices

Fitness Club Membership Required Class ticket prices (100% of Ticket Sales Pays Your Instructor)

           Quantity     Price      Average $ Per Class
     One Day Class    $5.00              $5.00
    4 Classes (30 Day Exp.)    $16.00              $4.00
    8 Classes (45 Day Exp.)    $24.00              $3.00
   16 Classes (60 Day Exp.)    $36.00              $2.25
   24 Classes (90 Day Exp.)    $48.00              $2.00

Cash or Checks Payable to the Fitness Club.

Tickets may be used only by the designated individual.

Jazzercise and Jazzercise Light Strength & Tone (land classes) tickets are interchangeable but cannot be used for water classes.

Aqua Aerobics/Aqua Zumba, WW Workout, ABS Workout and Deep Water Exercise (water classes) tickets are interchangeable but cannot be used for land classes.

A Recreation Card Holder may drop-in a maximum of 6 times per year before joining the Club.  The Drop-in charge is $5.00 per class.

Guests of members are welcome at $5.00 per class provided the member attends the class with the guest.  A non-recreation card holder may attend as a guest a maximum of 6 times per year.